Services WHAT WE DO

Custom Software Development

Turn11 your idea into a high-quality, profitable software product that meets your business needs. We are problem solvers, working with you to overcome your business challenges.
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Web Application Development

Stunning and scalable websites and web applications built from scratch. Create your own cutting-edge web software to accelerate digital growth for your business.
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Mobile App Development

Mobile application development for iOS, Android and Cross-platform. Innovative, highly responsive UI/UX solutions. Extend desktop and web applications to a mobile ...
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Startup MVP Development

Minimum viable product planning & development for startups. From idea to live release, we create a software product that is right for your end ...

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IT Audit & Consulting

Source code & IT process review and advisory services. Squash bugs in your source code and improve your internal IT processes.

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Dedicated Development Team

Hire a dedicated development team or individual developer. Scale your team up or down any time, and reach the market faster through our IT ...

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About UsWho we are

RabIT is a dynamic and innovative software engineering company with offices in Santa Monica, California and Szeged, Hungary. We are a small team building custom software solutions for startups and enterprises since 2014.

Our mission is to help our clients drive growth through technology innovation and make a real impact in their industries. We mainly work with companies based in Europe and North America that represent a wide range of industries from the areas of Medical, Wholesale, Retail, Media, Finance and EdTech. We love the process of simplifying internal processes for enterprises and are looking forward to hearing from enthusiasts globally willing to digitize their solutions.


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Our Process How we work

Kickoff Phase

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Sign NDA

We start by signing a non-disclosure agreement to protect your business and ideas.

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Project Offer

We prepare the initial offer based on your starting requirements, containing information about the estimated work hours, project roadmap, price calculation, and more.

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Sign Contract

If you find our offer appealing, we will sign the software development contract and get to work right away.

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Team Composition

We then set up the development team as per your requirements. The developers are supported by our engineering manager, a project coordinator and QA team.

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Infrastructure Setup

Setting up communication, project management, version control and QA tools.

Evolution Phase

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We start to carry out the tasks from the development plan, organized into shorter work periods (sprints). A standard sprint takes two weeks, but we sometimes work in 1-week periods as well.

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Quality Assurance

Continuous QA is an integral part of our development process. Each new feature gets tested thoroughly before release.

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Version Release

The new features are released following another round of code review by one of our senior developers.

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Client Demonstration

You can see the results and test the software yourself in a live demo session. You can choose the frequency of these demonstrations.

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Live Release

Once you are satisfied with the software product, we will make it available to users.

At this point you can choose

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Continue the development of new features and updates (back to step 6)
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End the project here

After freezing a project, we are always happy to pick it up again whenever you need us.

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