Dedicated Development Team

Hire an outsourced development team or individual developer to help you with your projects. Higher cost-efficiency, faster time-to-market. Dedicated, proven professionals.

Agile outsourcing

We help startups and enterprises without in-house teams, or limited internal resources to save time and money by providing them with carefully vetted and well-trained software developers, designers and QA testers. Hire a complete team, or expand your existing team with top-notch developers to help with your current and future development projects.

If you don’t need an entire team, you can also hire a single developer for full-time or even part-time work.

Top-qualified and proven developers

Skip the expensive and time-consuming recruitment and training process, and start working with dedicated professionals who are ready to get to work immediately. Our developers have already proven themselves capable of meeting all client requirements, and successfully completing highly complex software projects.


How exactly do we work?

Dedicated Development Team

Our development flow is designed to allow for complete personalization and continuous optimization.

We follow the principles of Agile methodology with two-week iterations.

You can really personalize the way you want to work with us. You can choose how many engineers you want to work with, what technology stack you require, weekly work hours, frequency and channel of communication, and more.

Everything is engineered to meet your specific needs.

We also have our own unique, built-in process for QA testing. Every code we write goes through three rounds of review, resulting in exceptional quality.


Now you might be wondering…

“What if I only need developers?”

Team composition is entirely flexible. You can hire more engineers for development, depending on your project needs. You can also choose to only work with engineers if you have your own designers, project managers and QA testers for example.

“What do I actually have to pay for?”

You only pay for completed development hours of your dedicated engineers. In the above example, that means the hourly rates of Engineer #1. All the rest is complementary service to ensure quality and a smoother development flow.

“Three round of review for ALL code? How long does this take?”

The review process is an organic part of our development flow. It already starts when the code is being written. We only end up saving time this way, because there is no need for extra rounds of reviews later.

“How do I get started?”

All you need to do is sign up for a free consultation. We will set up a call with our CEO to see if we are a good fit. If yes, we will proceed by signing an NDA. Then we can start to discuss about the project in more detail.


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