IT Audit & Consulting

Source code & IT process review and advisory services. Squash bugs in your source code and improve your internal IT processes.


Software Development Planning

A focused development plan helps you reach your target market faster and more cost-efficiently. Our experienced technical lead and project managers will help you find out what you need to turn your idea into a success.

Your completed plan will include project scope, schedule and budget. Of course, we will start by signing an NDA to secure your business and ideas.

You will receive the plan without any obligation on your part. You can use it as your please later on, no strings attached.

Code Review

We always include code review when we start working on a software development project. We run the necessary tests on your source code, provide you with all relevant information about the results and advice on how to improve your product. We are also happy to implement these changes right away so you can see them in action.

IT advisory

We are here to help you stay ahead of the competition. We review your IT related processes, management, tools and methodologies and then make recommendations on what we propose to change in order to achieve higher efficiency.

Software documentation writing

Documentation writing should be done strategically, tightly integrated into your IT work processes. Software documentation bridges the gap between you and your customers, so it is extremely important to do it right. Also, rewriting and restructuring it takes a LOT of work.

We will take this weight off your shoulders so you can concentrate on other tasks, and so you don’t have to allocate existing members of your team to do tech writing.

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