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Complete your highly detailed software development plan with trusted and experienced software engineers.

Make sure your project gets done in time, on budget, and according to the needs of your end users.

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and prototypes

The Project Discovery Process

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Requirement analysis


We get to know your business, your goals and your target audience. To protect your ideas, we also sign an NDA.

We analyze the potential of your application, and estimate the labor and other costs it will save you long-term.


Business case

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UI Wireframes& Prototypes


We give you a detailed description about the functionalities of your app and show you the design and usability aspects.

We map the required technology and preconditions, so that the application will be reliable, fast and scalable.


Technical design

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We define the required roles, the hours and the costs. When the costs are too high for you, we can naturally adjust the project.

Some of Our Work

What we offer

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    Agile approach

    As we follow Agile methodologies during projects, we complete software development plans that fit a modern Agile framework as well. This doesn't just mean writing the epics and user stories. We also prepare for change management and incorporating early feedback which is essential for any Agile project.

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    Proven track record

    Since our founding we've been able to build and maintain successful partnerships with clients across the globe. We've done it all, including developing complex ERP solutions for corporate clients, customised wholesale platforms, startup MVPs which helped secure further funding rounds and the list goes on.

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    Experience across many industries

    The list of industries we've worked in over the years includes Construction, Biotechnology, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Wholesale, Retail, Healthcare, Logistics, Fintech, Traveltech and others.

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    Tailored to your exact needs

    During Project Discovery we go the extra mile to explore your specific needs and identify the software requirements that are essential to reaching your goals. Our business analysts will provide their expertise in research and best practices to make sure you will invest in developing the right solution.

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    Done by a team of IT professionals

    You will gain access to a full team of experts during the Discovery Phase, including software architects, full-stack developers, quality assurance engineers, UI/UX designers and project managers.

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