The client

Our clients are two entrepreneurs who wanted to develop a mobile app that offers a cross between fantasy football and financial markets to appeal to fantasy sport fans. They reached out to us looking for a senior software developer who could oversee and evaluate the whole project.

The project

The clients were unsatisfied with the overall code quality provided by their previous development teams. Our first task was to run the necessary tests and prepare an assessment about the current state of development. We had identified most errors in the source code using static analysis and then started the refactoring process. After the code was stabilized, we could continue developing the remaining features. We proceeded to lead the two other teams and successfully release the native applications for both Android and iOS devices.

The solution

The fantasy sports trading marketplace is now live and available for download in the App Store and Play Store as well. It allows users to trade player “stocks” in real time based on their performance. The futures pricing is loosely based on fantasy valuations, with players earning points depending on their performance in each game. The application collects and processes live data to make the service available at any time, even in the off season. It was built using C#, .NET and Angular 4, and runs on Amazon Web Services.

Client growth

With their new application, our clients will be able to provide a unique experience for fantasy sport lovers around the world. As we write this case study, they are already quickly growing their user base, and collecting early feedback.

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