The client

The client is an E-commerce solutions startup based in London, introducing a new channel for online customer acquisition. They help online shops acquire qualified customers from other relevant, non-competing shops. They achieve this at a much lower cost than traditional online channels.

The project

We were tasked with developing E-commerce plugins that help any two internet properties connect directly and securely through back-end PowerLinks. This was one of our earlier projects. Our CEO took on the leading role in the software development process himself.

The solution

Our client’s system seamlessly migrates customers across e-commerce platforms, leveraging existing registration data of the source website so the user can buy with 1-click from an entirely new shop. The solution also benefits shoppers. It removes frustration and unnecessary friction by eliminating the need for customers to re-validate their identity by re-typing details at every digital store they shop at.

Client growth

London is the fastest growing start-up ecosystem, and also one of the largest e-commerce hubs in the world. With their completed solution, our client has the opportunity to scale their startup further. By growing their user base, they have a real chance at changing the way we shop online forever.

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