Technologies used

The Client

Founded in August 2012, Figo was Europe’s first banking API service provider. They provide neutral banking services outside the classic banking world through the integration of their technology.
Out of various teams working across Europe for this project, RabIT offered the best work experience. They executed high-quality work in a timely manner and adequately adjusted team size to fit project needs. They were clear, efficient, and flexible throughout the collaboration. the client

The Project

To create their EU-wide system, the company needed IT partners from each country in the region. They chose us as their Hungarian partners. We worked with them to integrate the very specific requirements of the Hungarian banking system into their API. This was a very unique and complex project, where our team served as an intermediary between our client and various banking organizations.
A lot of teams were hesitant to engage with us when we pitched the challenging idea. From my initial conversation with RabIT, it was clear that they were completely invested. They liked the challenge we presented them. They were even able to support us in other countries. the client

The Solution

The finished product included processed data of bank accounts, credit cards, deposits, Paypal accounts, as well as a variety of FinTechs. The final, Europe-wide solution managed to aggregate financial sources from over 3,100 banks and financial institutions with the goal to enable innovative banking services to clients throughout the region.
We worked with two software developers and a project manager. Their CEO became quite involved in the project as well. Team size fluctuated depending on needs, and we even stopped work at one point. the client

Client Growth

Our cooperation ended back in 2018. The Client’s company has been growing rapidly since then, and figo has finally joined forces with the fintech platforms finreach solutions and infinitec solutions in 2019 to form finleap connect, Europe’s leading fintech ecosystem today.
They've had a huge impact on our business. We manage many other external teams in various countries and across other projects, tasked with the same role as them. Yet, RabIT has been our number one team in terms of delivery speed and quality. They went beyond the initial scope by contributing to other parts of our platform.


the client

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