Technologies used

The client

The client is a real estate agency based in Hungary. They wanted to build their own real-estate listing website that helps people all over Hungary to rent, buy or sell properties with ease.

The project

For this project, we started development from scratch, using our custom-built PHP engine. We were tasked with the integration of PayPal and UniCredit payment systems as well. The team for this project included three full-stack web developers, two QA people and a project coordinator. The client was looking for more than just developers for their website. They needed a fully engaged technology partner to guide their technological decisions on the long term.

The solution

Today, the real estate website collects advertisements from all around Hungary. It uses its own, as well as outside databases. Clients can also register and upload their own advertisements. The site has a built-in search engine that allows users to filter real estate listings based on a whole plethora of criteria such as location, type, price, condition, heating systems, outside view and more. Thanks to the added Google Maps feature, visitors can also see where the properties are exactly located at a glance.

Client growth

With the help of their new platform, our client was able to enter the online real estate market and provide country-wide advertising services to their clientele. Their website is already well established in Hungary, with more than 6500 real estate listings from all around the country.

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