Technologies used

The client

The client is a healthcare business from Canada, whose main clients are doctors and medical organizations. They have already been working together with our CEO for 6 years when they approached us with a new request. They wanted to build a new online medical marketplace, that also operates as a social network for small businesses and experts from the healthcare industry.

The project

The project involved full stack software development, architecture and UX design. We were tasked with creating this new medical wholesales platform from scratch. We also needed to design the marketplace so that it acts as a social network, allowing small businesses/shoppers to get together, share ideas on best vendors and get the best prices and terms.

The solution

The live version of the website basically allows people to create groups and buy medical products at a much better price. Medical companies and doctors can get group discounts if they shop together from their trusted vendors.

Users can create their own groups, collect the items they need, select the desired quantity, and then they are able to invite vendors to the platform to negotiate the conditions of purchase. Group owners can create and close their own auctions as well, after all parties agree on the terms.

Client growth

By offering a brand new way for customers to shop for medical supplies, our client was able to enter the medical wholesale business. Today, is a highly responsive and scalable online platform that will be able to grow together with the client's company.

By becoming a disruptor in the medical wholesale industry, our client now has the opportunity to meet a wider range of customer needs in a new and unique way. This way they managed to gain a strong competitive edge on the market today, that will help the company grow even further.

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