The Client

Our Client is a multinational biotechnology company that provides products and services for the pharmaceutical industry. The company is continuously expanding its portfolio, with 10-20 new launches annually, based on the latest results in drug transporter science and global pharmaceutical needs.
We were looking for software development companies and had a chat with four, then properly interviewed RabIT and one other. We chose RabIT because they were more flexible, easy to understand, and more transparent than the others. the client

The Project

To be able to efficiently manage data from their research & development processes, our Client needed to develop a custom enterprise software solution. The project’s main objective was to develop a system for laboratory process automation. It had to be able to store and process large amounts of research data, while also being easy to integrate for new work sites. Team flexibility, clear and transparent communication were among the Client’s top priorities for the project.
The team delivered an excellent platform that effectively addressed the company’s requirements. They did thorough research and were invested in the project at all times, while communicating well and managing the work smoothly through Asana. the client

The Solution

The software helps biotechnology research teams organize, document and manage their projects with great efficiency. We built their new system to help the company streamline and easily scale their research activity. It can be quickly set up and integrated into newly opened labs all around the world, allowing our Client to rapidly grow their business. Based on their feedback, the solution works perfectly so far, and our team was able to meet the high quality standards.
The quality is really great. They really got deep into the topic of our work in order to understand it properly. So far, the program we received from them is working perfectly.


the client

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