The Client

Our Client is the founder of a new TravelTech startup named Travelli. The startup helps female travel enthusiasts find companions for their upcoming trips. Their aim is to make traveling safer for women everywhere and provide opportunities for them to make new friends along the way.
I really appreciated how professional they were. My project manager was extremely patient and made sure that I was up to date on all of their progress. All of the team members maintained continuous contact with me, so the communication couldn’t have been smoother. the client

The Project

The project initially involved developing a minimum viable product for the startup. We helped narrow down the application features, only including the essentials while still offering a unique and smooth user experience. In order to make development as cost-efficient as possible, the plan was to only develop the basic registration and login features, as well as the matchmaking system.
During the process, they were very patient in making sure that I understood all developments. They kept me in the loop, so if there were any aspects that I wanted to change, they’d fix it right away. It was an active conversation throughout the engagement. the client

The Solution

The app is already available for download. It uses location, travel destination, departure date and other information to find the ideal match. Once users have found the right travel companion, they can connect through live chat or video call to discuss details and stay connected. As per the Client’s request, the cross-platform application was built to run on both Android and iOS.
I’m extremely satisfied with the app that they’ve created from scratch, which has received great feedback from others for its function. While one might have low expectations for an MVP, the app they’ve created looks very polished. I’m really happy with the product.


the client

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